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Caring Contributors

Listed below are just a few individuals who have blessed our organization with their donations of funding, clothing, laptops, and other essential remunerations for our people across the world. Please contact me if you donated and you don't see your name.




Collins Obegn Agyare

Dale Walker

Charlotte Myers

Barbara Brown Myers

Marian Myers

Atty. Terrence Artis

Chief Dieyo

T B Johnson

Renee Ash

Shaellah Robinson

Royland Robinson

Jeremiah Brown


Arnold and Renee Hammond

Lisa Melkevie

Nana Ama

Nana Yaa

Nana Adjwoa


Sandy and John Artist

Dr. Karla Cooper

Kumase Johnson

Estella F. Goldberg

Roberta Styer

Professor George Ball

Denise Bookman

John and Sandy Artis


Dauda Adetola

Dr. Cora Robinson

We the volunteers at First World People would like to thank each and  everyone of you for your generous donations of clothes, shoes, laptops, and other essential donations. Our clothing drive generally starts in September, each year, so we ask that all items that you desire to donate to the poor, please contact Babatu Rudo at 2404098852. FWP, under the guidance of Galactic Charities is not a scam fly by night organization. We have been delivering donations for the past 10 years, whether in Africa or USA; New Orleans, and Haiti. The main difference between us and other charitable organizations is that we hand deliver our donations personally to those in need,that also need eye contact and re-asurance, no middle man

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