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Village by Village

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The story of first world people

On January 15th, 2012, I, Babatu Rudo (aka Fred Myers) from the U.S.A, along with friends from Accra in Ghana, West Africa, were comparing the similarities between African people of the Diaspora and Africans on the Continent. We surmised that we have the same common problems; that is; " enriching the economy of foreign countries, foreign religious polarization and the adaptation of europecentric ideologies." I shared with them including the Chiefs, our Rites of Passage Organization that I had just foreclosed on, prior to coming in Ghana.

The Rites of passage organization was named Kwabena Healing Grounds (KHG), and was located in Harpers Ferry, West Virginia. KHG was a magnificent six acre farm dedicated to the empowerment of improvised African-American Youth and their return to the Afrocentric worldview for their wellbeing. Mr. Charles Ritzberg, a Korean War Veteran, our Elder from Richmond Virginia was a great inspiration, organizer and contributor. He formulated a lot of these words you are now reading. All praises due, while he is still alive.

The name Kwabena was a name selected from a village in Ghana, where I originally intended to build a school. However, KHG, did not survive the real-estate housing crisis at that time, partly because of a lack of concern from our  own communities.

I also was affiliated with a remarkable rites of passage organization in Baltimore, Maryland called Alkebulan (one of the original names of Africa). There, I worked with  Mr. Kumase Johnson, (Sangowuji) a Yoruba babalowo. He was and still is a young dedicated brother with a caring spirit and big afrocentric heart. 

The First World People Organization (FWPO), has been through a lot of difficulties due to betrayals and opportunist. It has been necessary for us to include Galactic Enterprises as our subsidiary to protect us from scrupuluos characters. The name of our Non-Profit Organization is based on the Afrocentric-Pan-Africanist worldview, because we our the first Hue-man beings to inhabit the earth.

Babatu Rudo (aka Fred Myers), Visionary of First World People Organization

This vision has led to my Exodus, Sojourn and Sankofa  back to mother Africa. FWP/Galactic enterprises, we consider ourselves Unifiers of our different cultures, economically, physically and spiritualy. We are not waiting on, religions, foreign approval , to show Love from our HEART for our family.

 Ancestor's Who's Shoulder's "I" Stand Upon

News Clipping: Ancestor, grandfather EDWARD BROWN, a former slave, dies atage 93 in Pennsylvania. 

WiLLIAM and JENNIE MYERS, parents of Babatu Rudo aka Fred Myers

Returning HOME, after 400+ years

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Former Business Venture of Babatu Rudo aka Fred Myers located in Harpers Ferry, WV.,

Associated with Alkebulan Rites of Passage, under then director Kumase Johnson.

The potential of people of color has been severely compromised by Slavery, Globalized Conspiracies, namely, Mis-Education, Economic and Racial Exploitation and Oppression. In spite of these obstacles - we rise. As it was in the Beginning so shall it be in the End.

Generations of so-called Thirdworld people have suffered from the hands of slavery, colonization, Jim Crowism, industrialization, environmental mismanagement, addiction, institutionalization, incrimination's, broken family structures, drugs, homosexuality, pro-filling and poor health ie..White Rule. Through all of these distractions and limitations, people of color has persevered and will never give up knowing that truth will always rise to the top.

Hence the name, Kwabenya – NEVER GIVE UP, an Ashanti word from Ghana, West Africa came into being. Our Non-Profit Organization(FWP) is open to address this reality and to protect our future generations. This state of consciousness, is the responsibility globally of all human beings regardless of race, greed or color. We do not subscribe to Individualism, Competition or a pie in the sky waiting on you to die Theology. Our consciousness we connect back to our Ancestors and our Traditions.

Kwabenya Healing Grounds was a sanctuary for a unified vision of transformation and healing from the White dominant society . People came to this space to free their mind and spirit, which is the driving force of their soul. We incorporated the principles of MAAT and Neuter,(Orishas). All Spiritual being with Love in their hearts for all humanity, are welcome.




We are willing to partner with all organizations sharing African cultural values.  FIRST WORLD PEOPLE, AND GALACTIC CHARITIES, is an, NOT FOR PROFIT association that does not have any political or religious affiliations for obvious divisive reasons. We must and will come out of the mindset of our oppressors (Sankofa), and re-establish the idea of borderless no outside interference unified one Africa  for the salvation of our future generations.

Helping Our Schools

Delivering HOPE, Educational Technology and Clothes

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